Freckles and Sun Damage

Freckles & Sun Damage

Freckles and sun damage are caused by overexposure to the sun. The first step in treatment is regular use of a sunscreen, in combination with an effective bleaching product, chemical peels and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or Fraxel treatments and latest innovation is Picoway laser to help reduce the appearance of pigmentation or discoloration. 

Blotchiness (Poikiloderma)

Blotchiness of the skin around the neck and chest is caused by overexposure to the sun. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments, along with a specific regimen of protection and nurturing for the skin can help reduce and prevent the skin’s discoloration. Currently, Premier Derm Center features the innovative Picoway laser in addition to IPL, chemical peels to treat poikiloderm painlessly, safely and effectively. At Premier Derm Center, we specialize in customizing a treatment plan specific to your skin care needs to restore youthful, healthy appearance of your decollete area.

Before and After chemical peels/Intense Pulsed Light treatment

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