Intense Pulse Light

Intense pulse light or IPL is popularly called  photofacial  due to its effect on the skin- like a facial but with light instead of manual contact. The IPL beam is similar to an intensified flash of camera light that aims at a target (called chromophore) such as dark pigment in hair, benign brown lesions, red veins, flushed skin to even out skin tone. The  importnant  issue with IPL is to selectively treat the unwanted lesions without damaging or burning the surrounding skin. Hence, this is where the expert knowledge of an expert  dermatololgist  such as Dr. Connie Nguyen is paramount. She always keeps your safety in mind while  maximize  the benefits of our IPL machine. The treatment is tolerable and there is virtually no down time with this treatment besides direct sun  avoidacne . IPL achieves optimal results via a series of treatment. 

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