Melasma treatment

Melasma is a skin condition of brown patches on face, especially the cheeks,  forehead  and nose. It’s more common in sunny weather and can be associated with estrogen hormone and is more common among people with ethnic skin such as Asians, Hispanics, Middle  Easten , Indians and African Americans. It is a multifactoral disease (that is, it has many causes biochemically speaking)  and hence needs  multi-angled  approach to combat.  Medications together with a personalized skin care regimen can help to reduce melasma. This difficult condition has no easy cure and so must be carefully treated with a combination of excellent skin care products from prescription medications to chemical peels,  microdermabrasions , specialized products to the latest laser technology called  Picoway ® ,  which is the safest laser for melasma treatment currently. In Dr. Connie Nguyen's hands, you can be certain that she will present to you the latest and safest treatment options for melasma that anyone can offer in the country.  

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