Psoriasis is a chronic (long-lasting) skin disease in which new skin cells form much faster than being  sheded  off. Hence, one sees thick, scaly plaques with white scales on elbows, kneecaps, scalp, back. There is no definite cause but stress, some  medications  and infection can bring on or worsen the  condtion . Treatments are tailored to minimize your skin involvement as there is no cure while maximizing your safety. If you have joint pain with psoriasis, we need to start you on treatment immediately to prevent joint destruction, which can be permanent. The condition is not contagious. There many effective treatments now but no cure (we are all hoping!) Dr. Connie Nguyen at Premier Derm Center will together with you come up with the most appropriate treatments which can be creams, injection medications called biologics, oral therapies and/or light therapy called X- trac . 

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