Skin check

Skin check for dangerous skin cancers is the cornerstone of great skin care. Any skin expert must be able to do this important task for you without hesitation. At Premier Derm Center, Dr. Connie Nguyen will exam your skin  carefully  from head to toe (called full skin check) to look for suspicious moles and any lesions of your concern, one by one, and if needed, at close up view via a  dermatoscope , a mole inspection device, to keep your skin healthy. After the visual inspection, if there is any suspicious lesion, Dr. Nguyen will propose a plan for treatment. To put you at ease, she always clearly explains prior to  perform  any procedures with visual aids to ensure your complete understanding and obtain your full consent of the needed procedures. If you have a family history or personal history of skin cancer, you should get skin check done at least annually. Skin check is also recommended to be done at home monthly. 

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