Skin Tightening with Endy Med Pro

What Is Skin Tightening?

Skin TIghtening

You may not be able to turn back time, but you can look more youthful and toned with a little help from your dermatologist. Skin tightening treatment offers an effective, non-surgical way to reduce wrinkles, improve your shape and decrease cellulite. Dermatologist Dr. Connie Nguyen offers EndyMed PRO skin tightening at Premier Derm Center in Houston, TX.

How can skin tightening treatment at my Houston dermatologist's office help me?

Your skin naturally becomes looser as you age, due to decreased collagen and elastin production. EndyMed PRO treatment tightens your skin and prompts it to increase collagen production. The system uses radiofrequency technology to send heat energy into both deep and shallow layers of your skin. Heating the skin causes it contract, lifting and tightening it. The heating effect also triggers the production of new collagen, which plays an important role in firming and lifting loose skin.

Is EndyMed PRO treatment right for me?

EndyMed PRO treatment is effective for all skin colors and types. It's often used to treat these parts of the body:

  • Face and Neck: EndyMed PRO tightens jowls, smooths out skin and reduces sagging that causes wrinkles. It can also reduce wrinkles and lines under the eyes and on your forehead, make nasolabial fold lines less prominent and eliminate acne scars.
  • Abdomen, Chest, Side and Back: The treatment tightens and contours skin in these areas, providing a sleeker silhouette. It's an excellent option if you recently lost weight or had a baby and are troubled by loose, lax skin.
  • Hands: Do you long for the days when the skin on the back of your hands was smooth and supple? EndyMed PRO offers a simple way to rejuvenate your hands.
  • Legs and Buttocks: Your legs and buttocks will become more toned after the treatment, which is often used to treat cellulite
  • Upper Arms: "Bat wings," the saggy skin that droops from your upper arms as you get older, may make you avoid certain clothing styles. After EndyMed PRO treatment, you'll feel much more confident when you wear sleeveless shirts and dresses.

Is the treatment painful?

Since EndyMed PRO targets deeper layers of your skin, not the skin's surface, you'll probably only feel a slight warmth during your treatment. Although you may see a little redness for a few hours after treatment, you can immediately return to your usual activities.



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