Varicose Veins with VBeam

What Is Varicose Veins VBeam Treatment?

Do you keep your legs covered because you don't want anyone to see your varicose veins? The veins aren't just unsightly but can cause pain, itching and swelling. Dr. Connie Nguyen, your Houston, TX, dermatologist at Premier Derm Center, offers varicose vein treatments that can relieve your symptoms.

What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins develop when valves in the veins become weak or damaged. Normally, the valves ensure that blood only travels one way through the veins. When you have varicose veins, blood backs up in the veins because the valves don't work efficiently. As the blood pools in your veins, they swell and become noticeable under your skin.

You may be more likely to develop varicose veins if you're female, overweight, have had several children, have a family history of the condition or spend hours standing or sitting each day.

What can I do about my varicose veins?

Losing weight, moving your legs more and staying away from high heels or clothes that are tight around your legs and waist can be helpful in some cases. If making a few lifestyle changes doesn't help, it's a good idea to pay a visit to your Houston dermatologist.

Although surgery was once the only way to treat varicose veins, dermatologists offer much less invasive treatments today. Your skin doctor may recommend either of these treatments:

Sclerotherapy: During sclerotherapy, a chemical solution is injected into your veins. The solution irritates the vein and damages the lining, prompting the vein to close.

VBeam Laser Treatment: The VBeam laser transmits colored light pulses that target hemoglobin, the red blood cell protein in your veins. When the light is absorbed by the protein, the vein collapses and is eventually reabsorbed by your body. If you're looking for a treatment that doesn't cause pain, uncomfortable side effects or downtime, VBeam just may be the perfect solution for you. During the treatment, you'll only feel a slight snapping or tingling sensation. Several sessions may be needed to treat your condition.




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