Wrinkles and Moles

Wrinkles and Skin Texture

Skin that has been sun-damaged or has many fine lines and wrinkles may be treated with chemical peels alone or in combination with Fraxel® laser treatment, depending on the severity of the skin’s condition. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is another treatment option, along with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment. To effectively treat the skin’s texture, we recommend at least 4 treatments spread out over an interval of a few months. In addition to these amazing treatments, Dr. Nguyen will work with you to develop a specific treatment plan with appropriate, scientifically based products to maintain and restore the youthful state of your skin.



Moles are raised growths of the skin that are often black or brown. Most moles are benign, but some can become abnormal and potentially even cancerous. We offer simple removal procedures for abnormal moles and monitor our patients for any sigh of skin cancers, unusual moles or unwanted lesions.


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